Egy trans has established in 2005 , we started our business in transport all products of companies and factories in a high quality locally and all over the world at best prices ,then we expanded our business to have a group of vehicles equipped to transport all types of cargo, from one ton to one hundred tons. Egy trans transport containers to and from customs, free zones and land transport to all Arab countries.

We are distinguished by a combination of history and culture of quality and combining them with high skills.

Egy Trans cooperates with a group of companies operating in the fields of industry and food,

  • Minard Company
  • Agrymatco Company
  • The Arab Contractors
  • Marina for agricultural Development Company
  • Flemer Spinning & Weaving.
  • Electric Technology Company
  • Wadi Food Company
  • Al Quds for iron Company
  • ElQuds for Construction Company
  • Alexandria Company for Detergents and Chemicals (EDCO)
  • Alexandria Plastic Packagings Co. (EPCO)
  • Alexandria Co. For Industrial Packaging (ICIP)
  • Atlantic Group for detergents and chemicals
  • Royal Clean Chemical Company
  • Hassan Allam for Construction Company
  • Al Alamain Co. For Corrugated Carton
  • Al - Saleheen for woods Company
  • Ocean for Foods Company
  • Madar Group for Detergents 
  • Sakr for Foodstuff Group

Egy Trans Co then carried out a large cargo deal with Minard Egypt from East Al-Tafria (Port Said) to Umm Al Quwain, UAE. We offer excellent service to our customers.

 Transport of equipment and heavy machinery including loading, transport and discharge services. Providing services between all Gulf area and Arab countries

 Transport services for heavy machinery and includes the following materials:

  • Full transport of factory facilities
  • Transport of large machines.
  • Transport of construction equipment
  • Transportation of small, medium and large construction cranes.
  • Transport of large generators
  • Transport of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.
  • Transport of equipment to sewerage companies and large pipes

We ship by land freight - ocean freight - air freight. Export and import for individuals and companies, shipping and customs clearance at the best prices.

Egy Trans has the honor to transport carriage, boats and some equipment to Agrymatco,

They were loaded from Sadat to Safaga and then arrived to Jordan

Carry out all integrated shipping services in a professional and secure way in the field of land freight - Sea freight - Air freight to and from all countries at the lowest cost. Ship personal and commercial goods To all over the world at the best prices and high quality. الخاصة بك إلى جميع أنحاء العالم بأفضل الأسعار وذات جودة عالىة

International shipping - Sea freight - Air freight - Export and import for individuals and companies

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